hair  when i was in highschool, i cut my own hair for two consecutive weeks just before the prom. i messed it all up and had to go to the prom with my hair all shaved off. i spend more time fixing my hair than taking a bath (talk about vain).

health  i recently had an xray and found out that i have scoliosis. no wonder my back hurts a lot. i am underweight. im only 110 lbs heavy and 5 ft 8 in tall. i dont take illegal drugs and never will. i take 6 different pills everyday.

religion  technically, i am a protestant. but i am agnostic-- or so they say. i dont believe in a lot of things about the church and 'God'. i also haven't gone to church for 5 years.

speech  most of the time i get myself confused during normal conversations and i tend to forget whatever i say right after i say it. i also stutter sometimes. i have a weird linggo when talking to people.

musically  i used to be really good at playing the violin but i got tired of it because there were to many rules to follow. right now im raving about playing the guitar. i also played the piano when i was way younger.

body  i am unaware of my body. my friends are always the first one to find out about any moles that i have. i am also unable to feel any cuts and bruises and i will just feel them after i see them. i faint at the sight of blood. i named my nipples twiddledum and twiddledee.

tv  i never missed an episode of The Amazing Race. i only missed one episode of Gilmore Girls. i fell in love with that show. i love watching reality shows.

rituals  when i get home from school and i really have to pee, i make sure that i get out of my clothes first and change into my 'pambahays' before i pee. drinks nonfat milk or pepsi before going to bed.

bent  i cant bend all of my fingers outward up to my wrists. my friend told me that having bendable fingers means that i have a flexible heart and mind.

dream  i dream of having my own band. whether it be like Dashboard Confessional or a Rivermaya-type of alternative band. but i dont want that band to be really famous.

home  i go crazy when i am home alone. i sing to myself in front of the mirror pretending to be some band's frontman. i also dance around the house and bounce off the walls whenever i get the chance.

sleep  i make sure that i have a comfortable bed before going to sleep. i fourteen kinds of pillows on my bed. i cant sleep without my comforter... it has stars an clouds as its pattern. i sleep with the lights off and the door slightly open. i am insomniac.

lazy  i am the embodiment of laziness and procrastination. i only study 30 minutes before exams. i start doing projects one day before the submission. i have my breakfast, lunch and dinner served to me in my room.

punkd  i once dyed my hair black-blue. i wanna have a tattoo on the nape of my neck as well as on my right shoulder blade. i wanna get my nose and lips pierced. i wanna have the hair of Nick Wheeler from All-American Rejects.

music  i am a music geek. i have spent more than 25,000 php on original CDs... a lot more from customized CDs... and a lot more from pirated CDs. i have a large collection of mp3s on my PC. i am always wearing my headphones wherever i go.

PC  my PC sucks!!! the clock of my PC is 5 hours behind the actual time. my PC crashes in an average of 8 times a day. i cant use 3 programs all at the same time. i am still waiting for my dad to send me my laptop.

sports  i hate sports that would require me to run... basketball, track... you get the drift? i only love simple sports like badminton, volleybal, indoor wallclimbing and such. me and my 3 blockmates invented a sport called badmintamad. it's like badminton except you are not allowed to stand.

donts  i dont smoke. tried it once but that was it. i drink but i dont get drunk. i got drunk once and hated myself afterwards. i hate being around drunk people. i am creeped out being around my drunk friends. i am a victim of chain-smoking because i am always around smokers. i love the smell of burnt cigarettes.

room  i hide a silver dagger that was given to me as a gift. i keep a lot of highschool and college memories in a certain area of my room. my closet is bulging-full of my clothes. my room has no windows to keep it dark and gloomy.

phobia  tremendous fear of heights. fear of insects. fear of drowning. fear of sharp objects. fear of clowns, ventriloquist dummies and porcelain dolls. fear of fast moving objects. fear of big trucks and machinery.