hp book  prisoner of azkaban.
numbers  7. 9. 18.
tagalog word  bathala. gitara.
cuss word  fucker!
drink  pepsi twist.
video game  final fantasy series.  bust-a-groove.
day  thursday.
months  october. november.
disney char  stitch!!!
cartoon char  patrick star.
cartoon channel  nickelodeon.
sport  badminton. soccer. volleyball.
reality  fear factor. survivor. the amazing race.
hangout  la casita. red spoon.
survivor  elisabeth filarski.
pairings  jess x rory. squall x rinoa.
nickname  beh.
doodle  spiral roses and twisted thorned vines.
chocolate drink  moo.
chocolate bar  snickers.
smile smirk.
body part  mah eyes!!!
gilmore girl  lorelai gilmore.
color  red. maroon.
color name  periwinkle. granny smith apple.
friend  phoebe buffay.
disney movie  lilo and stitch. hercules. mulan.
suspense movie  the others.
tv shows  gilmore girls. that's so raven. even stevens.
make-out song  i love you - faith evans.
shower song  last verse of hands down - dashboard
accessory  my scorpio necklace and my dice bracelet.
holiday  all saints day. halloween.
highschool year  senior year.
final fantasy char  zell dincht. cloud strife.
body waste  booger.
radio station  99.5 RT.  Nu107.5.
online expression  nyahahahahaha!
regular expression  what the?!