xx  too much  xx
too many problems with few resolutions
so many questions yet no deliberations
too much anger and too much hate
no more chance to express one's faith
too many people without understanding
a lot has fallen with nobody left standing
too much sorrow and too much pain
too many of my prayers are left in vain
too many wishes, nothing has been granted
too many people are dying unwanted
too many choices and lots of bad decisions
trying too hard but still has no recognition
waking up to too much grief each day
and too many tears at night when i pray
too many words having no sense at all
too many thoughts leading to my downfall
too much hindrance to hear His call
feeding my soul with portions so small
too many rules, too stubborn to follow
too bling to see the trap down below
too stoned to feel everything i had to deal
with too much pride to accept what is real
tonight all the answers will be revealed
and open the door that have been long sealed

xx  i am not afraid at all  xx
along these red lines i walk
i see the path that i shouldnt have crossed
but i am not afraid at all
walking alone in this dark street
as i watch shadows crept past me
and i am not afraid at all
im naked around everyone i know
humiliated and i guess it shows
but i am not afraid at all
with demons that i should beware
my friends arent there but i dont care
for i am not afraid at all
the dark of night, the fall of light
with strangers i know i cannot fight
yet i am not afraid at all
hell might rise and angels fall
i may die before hearing God's call
but i am not afraid at all

xx  head on  xx
a little paranoia is drifting over me
wondering what other people could see
inclined to whatever people will say
still hoping those things wont ruin my day
but moments like these cannot be forgotten
try as i might, it may never really happen
but i cant lose hope, i gotta get faith
knowing that my self-esteem is at stake
now ive got to look forward, move over and see
you cant make me falter, not someone like me
you've got to move over cause you wont affect me
i'll continue my life head on you'll see
now i got the cure for every kind of ridicule
it might seem easy but never again will i be fooled
though i dont have everything that i had hoped for
i know what ive got and i cant ask for more
so you can say what you want to hurt me
you'll see that i'll be stronger than i used to be
and it wont matter how many times i fall
it's how i get back in the game with a brand new ball
and i'll keep searching for another way
i'll be waiting for yet another challenging day
there could be so many things out there for me
so i'll continue my life head on, you'll see

xx  silver river  xx
im walking by this silver river
the moon and stars that makes it glitter
my bare feet digging into the sand
i am the light, a dream-believer
the moon is casting one thing clear
upon my silent, little river
a glowing orb that shines so bright
forever at night, it shimmers forever
a galaxy of shining stars
is reflected upon the mystical water
thousands of little splendid lights
the water is its true receiver
but rain clouds are already on their way
above my perfect, misty river
no longer does it shine like silver
no light above to make it glimmer
as they cover up the starry night
i can see the moon still shining bright
like a spotlight on the river floor
it will keep me coming back for more

xx  mr. sandman  xx
another sleepless night
as i lie awake in my bed
and i stare out into the twilight
chase all thoughts out of my head
take the pain away from me
as you take my breath away
let me drift along the ocean
before i face another day
sprinkle tiny portions
of your sand into my tired eyes
when i dream my dream of nowhere
loking up above the skies
when my winks reach up to forty
and my mouth opens for a yawn
i shall make my life whole again
just before the break of dawn

xx  cause i love her  xx
now i see her looking at me
as no beauty can ever be
with that crown that's above her
the birds flock around her
made me question my destiny
as i stare at her lovely face
i long for that endless embrace
when i touch her smooth skin
to feel the splendor within
hear the voices sing out in praise
when i feel her breath tickle my ear
as we're walking, me holding my dear
as the sun sets before us
and the stars shining upon us
it seemed to me that fate wanted me here
and my eyes sets upon her again
looks as if this dream can never end
down on my knees i surrender
i do this cause i love her
the heavens can never pretend

xx  of truth  xx
the god they cherished, the god they praised
my prayers left to be unheard
the things i yearned but didn't deserve
the years had gone, the tears ive shed
blinded by too much selfishness and pride
you're the only one that i can hide from
carried me away from all life's pain
grieving from every emotion that came
i turned away and rejected your help
i needed to runaway from myself
alone and lonely, i am again alone
exiled from the presence of your throne
they say your word and people would listen
but still people want to take the forbidden
making promises but no one would keep it
committing all sin while hoping for your salvation
the only thing i can foretell
is we'll anyway all end up in hell
going astray from the right path to paradise
and everything we do they would still despise
the inhumane acts we do everyday
the lust for each other, with everyone as the prey
we claim to be the sheep that lost their way
but no shepherd will come, not today

xx  sleep tight  xx
i visit you every night
when you can find no light
i'll come to you tonight
you better be at bed uptight
i'll whisper in your head
i'll crawl beneath your bed
i'll stay inside your dreams
you wont hear your own screams
screech and shout you might
but my kind you cannot fight
i'll stay inside your head
as long as you're in your bed
you can't battle with me now
your soul I've owned somehow
in spite all words you've said
you cant wake up, you're dead!!!

xx  di akalaing  xx
huwag mo na sakin ipakita ang iyong kakayahan
wala yang silbi, di ko naman gusto yan
wala akong pakialam sa iyong kagalingan
tingin mo maganda? palpak ka naman
lumayo ka na sa akin, ayaw na kitang makita
sumasama lang ang loob ko kapag nasa paligid ka
hindi ko alam kung ano ang iyong problema
iniiwasan na kita, pilit ka pa ring nagpapakita
asar ako sayo dahil dikit nang dikit ka
sa mga salitang iyong binitiwan ako'y nairita
ngunit ngayo'y alam ko na kung bakit mo ito ginagawa
di ko akalaing ako'y mahal mo pala

xx  into my dwelling  xx
in the rain,
within the shadows
watching people
pass by my windows
through the doors,
with the echoes
the only sound
that my heart bellows
in the dark,
inside this dream
together with spirits
that lies within
behind those doors,
under the ceiling
five wretched souls,
my life begins
in a deep trance
i am disillusioned
defeated by those
i failed to reckon
in the rain,
in the darkness
armed with faith,
best left defenseless
through those doors,
into my dwelling
back in my cage,
no choice rebelling
in their abode,
my color fading
my weak, frail body
my world descending