seven things im good at
07. making my friends laugh.
06. staring at somebody for no reason at all.
05. draw anime styled people.
04. making fun of people.
03. running my big mouth.
02. playing badminton.
01. uhh...  lying.

common expressions
07. booya!
06. aw mah gawd!!
05. grrrrrr.....
04. fine
03. what the fuck?!
02. fucker
01. nyahahahaha!!

shows i frequently watch
07. Rurouni Kenshin
06. Spongebob Squarepants
05. Will and Grace
04. Music Videos
03. The Amazing Race
02. Survivor (from Pulau Tiga up to Pearl Islands)
01. Gilmore Girls

07. a new PC or laptop.
06. complete collection of original Dashboard Confessional cds.
05. happiness with that certain somebody.
04. for fpj not to win as president.
03. a condo unit near lasalle taft.
02. a full-body massage.
01. acoustic guitar so i can play Dashboard Confessional songs.

things on my work desk
07. mah cellphone.
06. internet card.
05. padlock.
04. a red kneaded eraser.
03. a lime green colored sharpener.
02. tons of batteries.
01. semi-empty glass of pepsi on a coaster.

memorable songs
07. screaming infidelities - dashboard confessional
06. life's a bitch - shooter
05. swing swing - all-american rejects
04. wherever you will go - the calling
03. hanging by a moment - lifehouse
02. id do anything - simple plan
01. rise as one *and all that sentimental shit*

reasons to hate the world
07. the philippines sucks.
06. heart evangelista and the like.
05. the good ones always die first.
04. annoyingly happy people.
03. half of the world's population irritates me.
02. the existence of cockroaches.
01. fernando poe jr. is running for president.

they should die
07. filipino teen actors and actresses
06. sexists.
05. power-trippers.
04. racists.
03. filipino rappers.
02. politicians.
01. conio and felling phil-am.

dream jobs
07. couch potato.
06. radio dj.
05. professional photographer.
04. architect.
03. webpage designer.
02. music video director.
01. layout/graphic artist for mtv ink or pulp.

i heart them
07. gwen stefani.
06. utada hikaru.
05. beyonce knowles.
04. mandy moore.
03. alexis bledel.
02. brittany murphy.
01. lisa kudrow.

you should never do these things
07. touch me in any part of my body.
06. tell me what i should do with my life.
05. ask me more tha  3 questions consecutively.
04. ask me stupid questions with pretty obvious answers.
03. touch or mess my hair.
02. magsabi ng bagay na wala naman akong pakialam.
01. poke or tickle me on any part of my body.