ruler  pluto.
symbols  eagle. serpent. phoenix.
birthstones  topaz. opal.
colors  dark red. crimson. maroon.
keyword  transformation.
element  water.

sensitive. kind. protective. artistic.  controlling. sacrificial. supportive. over emotional. caring. untidy. dreamy. destructive. intense. dominating. energetic.

scorpios are dead serious in their mission to learn about others. your hypnotic stare overwhelm those around you. you are passionate and committed to your friends. you are the one who leads upon the battlefield of life. you have a keen intellect and admirable qualities of patience and creativity. you are definitely not the gregarious, social kind, always ready to please people. you have an inner strength and a great capacity to endure hardships. you can easily change course if it suits you better. you are dynamic, fascinating and mysterious - a combination that draws many towards you.

he is a mysterious and secretive person who never reveals what he is thinking. he possesses an almost mystical and magnetic quality but can also be quite ruthless and dangerous. he usually has a penetrative insight and needs to know people to the core. he enjoys sports, but mostly for the competition it offers. being a water sign, he is unpredictable and occasionally undergoes mood swings. he is a very passionate and intense person who cannot tolerate things not going his way. he enjoys challenging hobbies. he usually has his own agenda and expectations from life and he goes about fulfilling them with a single-minded passion. he is confident and resourceful, with people flocking to him, but mind you, the sting of a Scorpio can be really dangerous.

has a lot of ideas. difficult to fathom. thinks forward. extraordinary ideas. careful and cautious. secretive. inquisitive. knows how to dig secrets. always thinking. stubborn and hard-hearted. determined. never give up. hardly becomes angry unless provoked. loves to be alone. thinks differently from others. does not appreciate praises. high-spirited. deep love and emotions. romantic. honest and keeps secrets. not able to control emotions. unpredictable.

They are very sensitive, inclined to deep thinking and capable of great sympathy. However, they can be extremely short tempered. Most people respect them, but sometimes they come into conflict with those in authority. They usually can not make up their minds, which can result in a poor decision making. They are also suspicious of others, but they can be very courageous and powerful when needed.