name  reuben badilla bautista
means  good son
nicks  robbie, robs, demonyo, wobbie, beh
dob  november 1, 1986
age  17
zodiac  scorpio
chinese  tiger


A college freshman who claims to be a non-believer although there's still a part of him that does. Pure Filipino blood flows through his veins for he  loves his country but not his countrymen. This free spirit has his body trapped inside the world of technology, never wanting to escape from what serves as his second dwelling-- the internet. Believes he is the god of mischief and discord who brings insanity and chaos to those who spends time with him. A hopeless romantic who is always secretly falling in love with his friends.

Considers himself as a freakshow  for those who seek amusement and laughter in their lives. A music lover who feeds off from songs by Dashboard Confessional and wallows himself to sleep every night. He who is fond of taking photographs of himself using his sister's camera phone. A demon who walks this earth in search for the angel who will save him from his loneliness.


demonyo. anino ng lasalle. prince of darkness. madre. siddharta gautama. batman. lungot. dead guy. sakurobbie. oyaji. stephanie. lutherford.


Family-- what family? I consider myself as the ever-prodigal son who is still having fun outside his family's house. I still live with my mom and sister cause I dont have any money. Im the youngest of two siblings. My dad is living somewhere in Florida. Im the official black sheep of the family. Im untalkative and housebroken... well, sort of. :P


I've chosen the path of the greens, animo lasalle. I walk and breathe the air of Planet Gox studying Computer Science. I managed to fail 17 units within my first two terms. I am a staffer of two school publications.  Lasallians are not dumb and stupid, we just procrastinate a lot. I like sitting on the floor inside classrooms when it's empty. Me and my friends hang out at La Casita and Red Spoon.

mxm overdrive. seishin ryusei. siverchair haui. deej. sacred prey. stellar. babycandy. the watcher. yin&yang. nagbubunot. jbun. zimolero. exile. nico oxo. bliss darkice. seven87eight. sweet baby scarlet. aneielle. sanzo axn. clefairy.