matrix  lynx.
hawaiian  leupena.
elvish  círdan númenessë.
hobbit  hob bolger.
prison bitch  queer johnny.
jedi  baure bamay.
chinese  bai rong bao.
reggae  bunny ithiopia.
pirate  red roger bonney.
fairy  fire elffilter.
evil  hateshade.
goth  kittie corpse.
pornstar  wilhelm hardcore.
ninja  rinsaku maruyama-san.
true name  chewy samba teacher.
cyborg  robotic electronic unit built for exploration and nullification.

name analysis
Your first name of Reuben has given you a pleasant, easy-going, friendly nature. Personal contacts are important to you. In situations where you are serving others, demonstrating or instructing, you have the patience to go into details that someone else may not think to be important. In your association with others, you are often limited to the more mundane happenings and little personal problems that can be so frustrating to those of an active, dynamic nature. You desire to create system and order in your environment but are inclined to become side-tracked and socialize when you should be working. Your ambitions are not large, as you lack confidence in your own abilities and would sooner not take a chance.

So where did i get my name? The story behind my name is that it's the same name my grandfather has. I guess I was named due to coincidence or something cause my grandfather died on the same day i was born (November 1). I guess they wanted me to have the same name so it would be like a remembrance of some sort.