nothing to do.
Simple Kind Of Life - No Doubt

It's the start of yet another year. I cant say that I am excited of what's gonna happen since my life pretty much still sucks. I hate the holidays... all except November 1, of course. Hindi ko feel ang new year... every year is the same. Sigh... well one good thing is that I managed to ditch two family reunions today. So I was left all alone. Wahahahahahaha!! I just listened to Dashboard all day.

Hands down this is the best day i can ever remember. I'll always remember the sound of the stereo, the dim of the soft lights, the scent of your hair that you twirled in your fingers, and the time on the clock when we realized it's so late and this walk that we shared together. The streets were wet and the gate was locked so I jumped it and I let you in. And you stood at your door with your hands on my waist and you kissed me like you meant it.

I just realized that the name of this site is so ironic for me.

Hold On - Good Charlotte

I think I was a bit harsh on my entry about Xmas. Anyway... that's already over... soooo I gotta get over it. Haayy... malapit na ang start ng third term and i dunno if I could make it to the end of this school year. Im only allowed to fail one more unit.... gosh, how did I become so dumb all of a sudden?!?

On another topic.... things are getting a little bit too complicated with me and my so-called 'lovelife'. Actually, it's only like an imaginary lovelife since im just secretly obssessing about this person. How I wish it's just a little crush. Let's give a nickname to my special someone, shall we?? Hmmm... it has to be something that i despise and love at the same time. Uhhh.... how about DC? Which means Dashboard Confessional (i dont despise them... it's just that i am unable to think of a more appropriate name). So it's decided!! The unofficial tagname of my crush will be DC.

I am so sick and tired of everybody calling me Dao Ming Si and shit. I did not let my hair grow this long to be called an F4 wannabee. My only reason for not having a haircut is that im so lazy to get my ass out to get one! My hair isn't even THAT long... Im gonna shave it all off sooner or later anyway.

my december.
Angel - Amanda Perez

I HATE CHRISTMAS!!! I so so so so so so hate it!!! It fuckin sux!! One of the reasons why I hate xmas is because I get to 'hangout' with my relatives. Ayoko lang talaga sa kanila, I'm sitting here in front of the PC writing this shit while they are celebrating xmas in the other room. So what?! Fuck them!! Pinaka-ayoko pa sa kanila is yung tita ko na sobrang epal sa lahat!! Nung tumawag yung dad ko straight from Florida tapos tinawag ko mom ko, when I got back she was on the damn phone!! I think I'm gonna sleep early tonight since there's no use in waiting for the exchanging of gifts and all that shit. I HATE CHRISTMAS!!! Pero honestly, kung kasama ko mga friends ko every xmas, siguro sobrang saya.... but i know it's impossible kasi they all have a family of their own, hindi naman siguro ako makikiepal bigla diba? Basta yun na yun!! I should spend xmas with the ones I love... eh I dont love naman my relatives eh. Siguro I love them by default. FUCK!!! I really hate this day... aside from the fact na sobrang fake lahat ng mga decorations and stuff. Bakit pa kasi kelangan magdecorate diba? I mean, people always talk shit about the Christmas spirit and stuff like that pero if you think about it... we dont really need any decorations and effects for Christmas if we really are in the spirit of the season. Alam kong anlabo na ng mga pinagsasabi ko dito kaya im gonna end it here... *sigh*

bakasyon na!
Ender Will Save Us All - Dashboard Confessional

It's the first official day of xmas vacation!!! Pero hindi ko masasabi na masaya ako... I mean, masaya ako dahil wala na akong dapat problemahin pa dahil tapos na ang second term... pero kaya ako malungkot dahil ilang linggo ko rin hindi makikita ang mga friends ko sa college. Ilang linggo ako magluluksa sa loob ng bahay na kasama lamang ang aking panilya. Sobrang hindi ko gusto ang pasko. Siguradong puro internet lang ang aatupagin ko buong break *sigh*. Nakuha ko na course cards ko yesterday and guess what? Besides the already predicted fact that I failed two subjects, I was proud that my GPA for this term is higher. Alam ko talagang I can survive college as long as hindi umatupag ang pagkatamad ko. The only reason I can find why I failed those two subjects is that I was always either sleeping or cutting classes.... e sa pangit kasi yung prof eh.