coke:pepsi  pepsi --> twist
sandals:sneakers sneakers... my soles are safe from the dust and other street microorganisms.
internet:tv  tv... cause it's more entertaining
disney:nickelodeon  nickelodeon... the home of patrick star
cake:ice cream  cake. cause ice scream is too messy.
mp3:cd  cd? i dunno... cant decide which.
stars:clouds  stars are awesome but i like clouds better.
cursive:print  print looks more organized. i write in both but i usually use print.
glasses:contacts  i wear glasses.
xmen:justice league  xmen. flash is only cool guy in the justice league, the rest of them sucks.
rain:snow  it doesnt snow here so im pickin rainy dayz-- but only when im inside the house.
black:white  black would be the obvious answer.
english:tagalog  tagalog
boxers:briefs  boxers for easy access.
email:IM yahoo! messenger
hugs:kisses  hugs kasi you can hug1 everyone.
saturday:sunday  'on sunday morning'. there are more good shows during sunday primetime.
ocean:pool  ocean... with matching sunset or sunrise.
mandy:jessica  i heart mandy.
nerd:geek  im a geek.
day:night  im a night person... one with the dark...
angels:devils  im a devil who has many angels.
fast:slow  slow... cause im slow... i aint the one who's fast and furious... id rather take it slow.
cancer:aids  aids... cause there's still no cure for it.
horror:comedy  comedy
sing:dance  i wanna sing at the top of my lungs!!!