I usually wallow myself to sleep every night thinking of the one im secretly obssessing about. Making my friends laugh is a god-given gift. Updating this website takes most of my free time. I love drawing and doodling stuff during Chemistry and Algebra. I used to write poems-- not anymore. I used to draw-- not anymore. My day wouldn't be complete without listening to good music.

I prefer my music to be loud specially when Im in a public place. Id pick headphones over earphones cause sticking that earpiece up my ear hurts. Songs with good lyrics is a major plus, but I'd listen to any ear candy. Singer / song writers like Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Michelle Branch are played best on my CD player. Disney songs are nice.

I usually go around looking for porn and stuff but I promised myself I'd stay away from bad sites for a while. I also used to download songs from kazaa but I got tired of it. I love going to other personal sites and weblogs. I also frequent anime image galleries in search for nice pictures to draw. Right now, the only reason I go online is to chat and check my mail.

I would rather watch some good shows than surf the net all day. I spend most of my time watching music videos on Channel V. I think that Mtv is lame except for some good shows like Daria, Punk'd and The Osbournes. I still watch cartoons on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. I watch movies on Wowow and HBO, comedy series on Studio 23.

Hot and spicy. Something Indian. Addicted to Pepsi Twist. Fetuccine sa agno. Siomai sa gox mini canteen. Ube cake ng Red Ribbon. Adobo. Nilagang baka. Garlic-anything. Chili cheese dogs. Sour cream and onion dip. Pringles cheezums. Hotdog and eggs for breakfast. Oatmeal cookies. I dont eat vegetables and seafoods except for Baked Tahong and Buttered Shrimp. Mmmmm....

Dashboard Confessional. The All-American Rejects. Maroon5. Lifehouse. The Ataris. Simple Plan. Third Eye Blind. Moonstar 88. Blink 182. Nine Days. Good Charlotte. The Calling. The Starting Line. Finch. Silverchair. 3 Doors Down. Matchbox Twenty. Yellowcard. Sum 41. New found Glory. No Doubt. Barbie's Cradle. Incubus. Alien Ant Farm.

Utada Hikaru. Jason Mraz. John Mayer. Michelle Branch. Alanis Morissette. Kelly Osbourne. Nelly Furtado. Justin Timberlake. Mandy Moore. Piere Bouviere.

telenovelas. pop-up ads. swimming. running. waiting. sexists. coniotics. fake. drunk drivers. carlos agassi. mahal at mura. la lopez. christopher de leon. heart evangelista. lucky manzano. will smith. joey de leon. sexbomb dancers. andrew e. insensitive people. indifference. dirty feet. family reunions. family weddings. december.

ipis. ipis na lumilipad. ipis na nanghahabol habang lumilipad. ipis na umiiwas kapag tinatapakan. ipis na napatay. ipis na linalanggam. katas ng ipis na tinapakan. maggots.